- Tuesday 10th November 2009(by admin) -
New versions have been uploaded in which we've fixed the reported bugs. Thanks to everyone who's provided information about the bugs and keep them coming if you meet any more problems!

If you get stuck in the game, you can see if it's been asked before in the forums at http://forums.themarionette.game-host.org .

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X-Site: For me the fix doesn't solve the issue. Tried it on some computers. - That problem isn't bound to a save is it?
(10.11.2009, 11:10)

auriond: It is actually, in the sense that you can't use the old save games. You need to start from the beginning again.
(10.11.2009, 15:59)

X-Site: Well that not too bad, since I lost all the feeling of the game already and replaying will bring it back without taking to long even ;9
(11.11.2009, 10:50)

auriond: I'm glad it works for you! :)
(11.11.2009, 16:25)

bottle: The new version works fine - great game! :) - At the moment I don't know what to do in the atelier when I've cut the painting and found the "bloody" hole...
(13.11.2009, 14:07)

auriond: Something needs to go in that hole. Hunt around a little more - it might be something hidden. - - If you need more specific hints, you can always ask in the forums: http://forums.themarionette.game-host.org . :)
(13.11.2009, 14:11)

bottle: Thanks a lot. - I'm sorry for my question in the comments, but I'm not so fond of registration in forums... ;) - I'm looking forward to your future games - I hope you'll create more. :)
(13.11.2009, 14:18)

auriond: Don't worry about it. I'm not so fond of it myself, the only reason we require it here is spammers. :/ - - I just mentioned it because I want to avoid posting spoilers here, just in case. If you prefer you can email me directly.
(13.11.2009, 14:21)

auriond: My email, just in case.
(13.11.2009, 14:22)

Karla: I want to know how to uninstall the Marionette game. I don't care for it. I tried to delete the desktop folders on the game but only one would delete. The otherone said I needed permission? Since when do I need permission to delete something on my computer? I never heard of that before Please. will some one tell me how to get rid of this game?? - Thank you
(13.12.2009, 20:44)

auriond: Since it didn't need installation, it should just be deletable straight off. If you can't delete it it probably has something to do with the permissions on your computer.
(14.12.2009, 18:17)

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