- Monday 05th October 2009(by admin) -
The first round of beta is complete! There are two more cutscenes to go art-wise. Everything else is just polishing the game now.

The game is currently 174MB big, and might get a few MB bigger before we finally release it. The final version features new cursors (thanks Khyle!) and as mentioned before, four endings.

In fact, I feel that we can announce an actual release DATE now, instead of vague promises of "next week" or "next month"! And that date is Nov 9.

Thank you everyone who's been kind enough to follow the updates on this site. I have been reading your comments although I don't know what to say to your encouraging words. But just know that you are as much a part of this creative process as anyone else officially labelled a part of Team Effigy. Without you. I wouldn't have had the drive to finish this.

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Peder Johnsen: Yay! Been looking forward to play this for ages now! ;D.
(05.10.2009, 14:33)

Tashi: All right! Can't wait! It's been kind of a long journey and I just wanted to thank you for your commitment to this! I'm very excited!
(07.10.2009, 15:20)

Felipe: Jan, nice clips on grdaen design. We recently lost a huge pine tree so my grdaen is looking at a major transformation come spring. Thanks for the inspiration.
(16.02.2012, 21:17)

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