- Tuesday 17th March 2009(by auriond) -
Sorry about the lack of updates! I've been trying to work on the game more and less on the site, so that's why you haven't seen anything new here for so long.

I do have news though! Dualnames and kaputtnik are in the house and they've been very good and patient with me and my slow work pace. kaputtnik is giving feedback on the general story, flow and game mechanics while Dualnames is lending his scripting expertise. Khyle has been bugging me for more artwork for a new trailer!

Currently I'm working on the last part of the game. It's the artwork that always takes up so much time. And there are 4 endings to draw...! After that it'll be a matter of polishing up dialogue and descriptions, implementing a journal and points system.
As we creep ever closer to finishing the game, I'm likely to revamp this website, mostly because the current layout isn't conducive for game distribution. The actual content area is too small to give a lot of information about the game at one go. But I'm too busy working on the game to do the site properly, so if anyone wants to volunteer their time, I would be grateful.

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Krss: So glad it's coming along well. =) I volunteer for the website redesign.
(16.03.2009, 23:28)

auriond: You're in. :) Thank you!
(17.03.2009, 00:19)

Thorn /BrideMorbida @dA: Gosh I can't wait! Sorry I couldn't help so much, gurgh. Good luck with everything! <333
(17.03.2009, 04:38)

shimbo: i cannot wait, great to hear that you do progress guys - cross my fingers
(17.03.2009, 07:22)

Rebecca: Trust me the real-time fhintgig/shooting element isn't really overwhelming because I'm not a fan of those games either, but I'm hooked! Determining whether your shot hits is by stats (like an RPG game) rather than how fast you fire/aim/etc. =)
(16.02.2012, 22:20)

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