- Friday 19th January 2007(by auriond) -
The demo is done!

The Marionette demo (13.1MB zip file)

There are a lot of things left unfinished in there, but you'll get a feel of what the game is really like.

The doorway in the living room doesn't work, by the way.

Tip: Move your cursor to both sides of every room - sometimes you can turn around or exit the room.

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Maarika: Oh my, even though it's only a demo, it seems very promising! And I even solved the puzzles without using any walkthroughs! ^.^ (I know there aren't any. Yet.) - - Oh, and I found a typo you might want to fix. It said something about a memory in the room where you can see the marionette.
(19.01.2007, 07:42)

auriond: Okey dokey! Thanks for the tip. :) Glad you could solve all the puzzles without a walkthrough!
(19.01.2007, 16:10)

(19.01.2007, 16:32)

Maarika: And I also have to point out that the bg music is very fitting. :3 - And yay! Even though it was a demo Guiseppe was there, he seemed very mysterious.
(20.01.2007, 02:32)

Lufia: I've just played the demo and it looks very promising. I can't wait to see more of this game. ^_^
(02.02.2007, 10:51)

auriond: Thanks Lufia! There'll be more, hopefully sooner rather than later. :)
(02.02.2007, 19:12)

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