Note: There is a new version out which has some bugs fixed. Check your downloaded .rar or .zip file to see if there is a file in it called changelog.txt. The new version will have a changelog dated 10 November 2009. If you downloaded the first version, you'll have to restart the game. The old save games will still have the bugs.

- game -
- demo -
the marionette demo - mirror 1
the marionette demo - main site
(13.1MB .zip file, right click and select save as)

the marionette demo walkthrough
(.txt file, opens in a new window)
- others -
A Photograph's Memories - the theme of the opening movie
(837KB .mp3 file @ 128kbps, right click and select save as)

A very funny video playthrough by Youtube user xVeeDantesx.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

For wallpapers, please check the gallery section.